Pollen & Fox is a pollinator-centered cutting garden and apiary, located in the hills above Bennett Valley. We are committed to supporting pollinators by providing year-round forage and habitat. We use organic, no-til methods to farm, and practice treatment-free, foundation-less beekeeping methods.

Our seasonal blooms are grown with joy and hope for a healthier pollinator population, while sharing the beauty and bounty of fresh, local flowers. 

With bees at the heart, Pollen & Fox pays homage to all of our winged and feathered friends. A bounty of fresh flowers rewards our work and it is a pleasure to share this ever-evolving journey with you.


Thank you for joining us.

specialty cut flowers

This summer we expect over 40 varieties of dahlias, in addition to many edible flowers and herbs. Contact Sierra to be added to our availbility list. 

Thank you for supporting local pollinators by choosing local flowers. By investing in people and community partners who consider the environment a priority, you are helping to creating a healthier planet.

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seasonal flower and bee updates