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the value of place

Pollen & Fox is a small-scale, pollinator-centered flower farm and apiary, located in the hills above Bennett Valley, just east of Santa Rosa, CA. We have a holistic approach to working with the land, and use no-till, organic farm practices to grow flowers. By offering year-round pollen and nectar sources we are able to contribute to the health of local beneficial pollinators.

Additionally, we hope that by offering seasonal flowers, we can help eliminate waste often found in the floral trade. Over 80% of the flowers sold in the United States are grown outside of the country, using chemical-intensive farm practices and poor working conditions. Flowers intended to celebrate love, loss and friendship are often delivered to us laden with


chemical residues, and have little to no natural scent. The journey is long, and resources consumed are many. 

Local flowers last longer, smell heavenly and are safe to handle. When I gave a bouquet to my 5-year-old niece after her very first ballet recital, she brought the flowers to her little face and took a deep breath. I was so happy to know that she was breathing in only the beautiful scent of sweet peas I grew myself, free of harmful chemicals, dyes and perfumes.

Pollen & Fox is nestled inside the Sonoma Mountain Wildlife Corridor. The property welcomes an abundance of life: Great horned owls, our namesake - the gray fox, bobcats, coyotes, deer, native and migratory songbirds, and more. We care deeply about our valuable natural resources and are pleased to contribute toward local, bio-diverse agriculture in Sonoma County.


Our hope is that we can be inspired together, while contributing to the pollinator health. By using our purchasing power to invest in people and community partners who consider the environment a priority, we are investing in a healthier planet. Thank you for joining us.

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