Pollen & Fox is a pollinator-centered cutting garden and apiary in Bennett Valley, a few minutes east of downtown Santa Rosa, CA. Committed to supporting pollinators by providing year-round forage and habitat, we use organic, no-till methods to grow fresh flowers and medicinal herbs. We have been practicing natural  beekeeping methods for over 12 years.


With bees at the heart, Pollen & Fox pays homage to our wild winged, feathered and furred friends. Colorful blooms reward our work and it is a pleasure to share this ever-evolving journey with you. Thanks for joining us!

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specialty cut flowers

As late winter turns to spring we will offer a beautiful mix of specialty ranunculus, sweet peas and cosmos. Swarm season is upon us and we hope to grow our apiary with local bees as we start our summer flowers. 


This summer we will welcome over 30 varieties of dahlias, along with many pollinator favorites such as zinnia, yarrow, strawflower, scabiosa, rudbeckia, basil and much more.


Please contact us to be added to our availability list or reach out on Instagram if you see something special!

Thank you for supporting pollinators and reducing our carbon footprint by choosing local, seasonal, chemical-free flowers.