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Pollen & Fox is a pollinator-centered cutting garden and apiary in beautiful Sonoma County, CA. We support honeybees, native bees, bats, birds, butterflies and more by providing year-round forage and habitat, and using organic, low to no-till methods to grow flowering plants and herbs, while building healthy soil.
After practicing natural and biodynamic methods of beekeeping, and tending a small garden for the last 14 years, growing and sharing flowers with our community has been a rewarding next step. Our cut flowers include ranunculus in spring, followed by dahlias, cosmos, zinnias, basil, and more as the summer arrives. Native flowers and grasses, including buckwheat, salvias, phacelia, and penstemon keep the garden buzzing all year.
With bees at the heart, Pollen & Fox pays homage to our winged and wild friends.
*Please note that we recently moved and 2023 will look a little different as we restart our tiny farm. This year we are focused on getting our native and drought tolerant perennials established, and will have loads of dahlias this summer!*

Did you know that imported flowers account for 77% of all flowers sold in the United States? A whopping 91% of those arrive daily to Miami International Airport, laden with harmful fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides, before being shipped around the country and into our homes.


By supporting local farms who use organic and chemical-free growing methods, we can provide critical habitat and reduce the global flower trade's impact on the environment, while strengthening community and enjoying longer-lasting blooms.

We offer our seasonal flowers to local florists weekly, and they are also available for pre-order through Gather Flora's Sonoma Hub, alongside several amazing local flower farms.

Watch us grow on Instagram, Subscribe to our mailing list, or stay in touch by sending us an email.

Thank you for shopping local!

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